International Club Meeting on June 14 - 17, 2018

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We celebrate 10 years ClubE31 e.V.

Dear friends of the "most beautiful coupe in the world",

08.08.2018 marks the tenth anniversary of our club foundation.
This anniversary will be celebrated properly among others with an International Club Meeting on June 14 - 17, 2018.
The meeting will take place in the middle of Germany on the edge of the Rhön (near Fulda).

For this we have already reserved exclusively for us:
Hotel Jagdhof Klein-Heilig-Kreuz in Großenlüder which is well established for classic-car-meetings.

There are a total of 44 guest rooms with a view in the countryside, which you can book at the following conditions:
- Double room: 89,00 € / night including breakfast buffet
- Single room: 69,00 € / night including breakfast buffet
- Your four-legged friends are welcome - please inform us when booking

The room reservation is made by you directly at the hotel with the reference to the Participation in the "BMW meeting":

Jagdhof Klein-Heilig-Kreuz
Klein-Heilig Kreuz 1
36137 Großenlüder
Telephone +49 6650 96000

Since the room contingent in the Hotel Jagdhof Klein-Heilig-Kreuz is now almost fully booked out, an additional 15 rooms are now available at the Landhotel Grashof in Kalbach (about 30 km from the meeting-hotel) on the following terms:
- Double room: 105,00 € / night including breakfast
- Double room for single use: 75,00 € / night including breakfast

The room reservation takes place directly at the hotel with the keyword: "BMW meeting":

Landhotel Grashof
Grashof 4
36148 Mittelkalbach
Telephone +49 6655 9770

There is another place to stay for the club meeting:

There are 3 "forest-huts" on the premises of the meeting hotel.
In these can sleep up to 10 people in bunk beds.
All have separate bedrooms, a shower with toilet and a lounge.
The beds are already made and towels are also available.

The cabins can be booked directly at the hotel * for 200,00 € / night.
The breakfast buffet beats per person in addition with 11.90 € / day.

Jagdhof Klein-Heilig-Kreuz
Klein-Heilig Kreuz 1
36137 Großenlüder
Telephone +49 6650 96000

Your participation in the meeting, please fix finally with a registration mail at our treasurer Gabi Fückel: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
indicating the number and the name of the participants to be registered as well as the forum name ("Nickname").

Please transfer the fee to the meeting (amount and reduction for supporting members see below) of € 50.00 per person (children up to and including 12 years: free) on the shown below Club account and also give your name and the name of the forum in use.

Only the payment of this fee assures you among other things the participation in the evening event, where the number of seats is also limited.

Expiry of the meeting:

optional: Thursday, June, 14th 2018
- individual getting to the "Jagdhof Klein-Heilig-Kreuz"
- Check-in is possible from 3:00 pm
- parking is provided directly at the hotel
- from 6:00 pm: welcome, getting to know each other and socializing Dinner (individually, à la carte)

Friday, June, 15th, 2018
- Breakfast buffet in the hotel
- 10:00 am: short common exit to probably 2 destinations with entertaining On-site activities (please note the announcements in the forum)
- Various cultural or vehicle-specific offers in the afternoon (individual) to participate in smaller groups (please note the announcements in the forum)
- Individual arrival to the "Jagdhof Klein-Heilig-Kreuz" for the participants "From Friday", check-in is possible from 3:00 pm.
- from 7:00pm: meeting at dinner (individually à la carte) with welcome to the participants who arrived on Friday

Saturday, June, 16th, 2018
- Breakfast buffet in the hotel
- 10:00 am: Departure to the big exit (details will be posted in time in the forum - all participants will receive roadbooks on site.
Groups of approximately 8 vehicles are formed, which are approximately at a distance of start a quarter of an hour, so on the way again and again groups will meet each other and for example at lunch (individually) will meet again.
- 6:00 pm: start of the moderated evening event with dinner in buffet style form (drinks individually) and various program points, or appearances

Sunday, June, 17th, 2018
- Breakfast buffet in the hotel
- 11:00 am: Departure to a small exit with destination for a group photo stop
- 1:00 pm: lunch together (individual) and farewell
- individual journey home

The fee (50,00 €) for the meeting includes (final list):
- Lanyard with name tag
- organized departure on Saturday in groups with roadbook
- photo stop
- surprise gift
- Participation in the moderated evening event with:
- Dinner in buffet form (drinks individually)
- Entertainment

Reduction of the fee for supporting members of ClubE31 e.V .:
- supporting members receive upon arrival a € 25.00 voucher for the hotel, that e.g. on drinks, dinner à la carte, etc. can be credited.
- not yet a supporting member? An application form you can find attached!

We look forward together with you to a wonderful club anniversary meeting in hopefully big round with many beautiful 8-coupes and especially cheerful participants!

Greetings, the Board of ClubE31 e.V.

Gruß Mike.

Bitte Anmelden oder Registrieren um der Konversation beizutreten.

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