DAMPERS ..... URGENT !!!! :)

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Hi all,

i have a big trouble ...

i have to change my dampers and my choice would be bilstein ones ... but .... italian importer (NTP) doesn't import 8th stuffs no more .... so:

does anybody has a good price for these stuffs?

bilstein b6 sport gas front, code pe3-0549

bilstein b6 sport gas rear, code be5-5954

i really will appreciate it .... (remember that i have eibach springs pro-kit in front and rear)

also ..... i need new disk brakes (front and rear), and i really like drilled ones (ok .. Alv said that they produce a lot of dust ... but ... i really don't care of it ... lol) ... so ... does anyone has good ones to buy? (i mean new ones...)

and .. i've heard that eibach produce new wheel spacers .. if so i need 4 of them, really dunno how much mms for now but i'll check these days (i need also new longer screws for them ... better 1 of 5 with secure-lock)

so ... christmas is near ... and i want to make some gift to my 8th .... u all know what i mean .. lol (have just taken 8 new 5200K H1 blue lights for my 8th ... ;) )

really tnx in advance for any support

cheers, Gianluca.

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